The making of a biologic

In partnership with a large pharmaceutical company and NIBRT (the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training in Dublin, Ireland), we were asked to research, write, and produce a 20-minute video for global audiences on the creation of a biologic medicine from start to finish. This was part of a media briefing event hosted by the client, where the video was shared with 1,800+ journalists attending remotely from around the world. The video was then made public to help educate consumers on this important subject, as biologic medicines touch so many lives and are growing in availability and popularity as a treatment option.



Create an educational video that exhibits the process of making a biologic medicine from start to finish, including filming in a biologics training facility, conducting interviews, and cutting together a compelling final product.


The video was well received, and quoted in articles around the globe discussing the rise of biologic medicines as a treatment option.